The Pelican Craft Centre is a modern facility, the largest of its kind in the Caribbean, dedicated to the arts and crafts.   It was officially opened in April 1999 and replaces the former Pelican Village which was opened in 1964.  The Centre is divided into a retail section and the Pelican Workshops.  The retail section comprises 25 retail shops, a gallery and annex, a wine bar & bistro, a restaurant and an artist wall.  Together these cover an area of 262,945sq.ft which encompasses the original site of Pelican Village and extends to the west as far as the Princess Alice Highway.

The Pelican Workshops comprise Buildings 2, 3 and 6 of the Pelican Estate.  Within these workshops visitors can see firsthand the creativity of our craftsmen including pottery, woodcarving, basketry and straw work, fine art, glass blowing, weaving, moulded figure-making, sewing and cigar making.

The trademark of the Craft Centre, which can be found on all its packaging material, signage and banners, includes a reverse silhouette of a brown pelican.  The pelican is the national bird of Barbados and in the Barbados Coat of Arms, it supports the left (sinister) side of The Golden Shield of the Arms.

The brown pelican is said to have nested on the small island that once existed off the coast of Barbados until 1961.  Pelican Island, as it was called, was merged with the mainland to accommodate the extension of the Deep Water Harbour and with this merger came the exodus of the pelicans.

The memory of Pelican Island has been kept alive through the naming of the former Pelican Village, and now the Pelican Craft Centre.

The Centre is also the home of the Pelican Dooflicky, a festive carnival event replete with pageantry and culture.  The Dooflicky is staged on special occasions during the tourist seasons and visitors are encouraged to join the revellers in the carnival parade and show. Visitors may also find on occasions a vibrant outdoor craft market at the Centre where they can purchase the widest variety of crafts anywhere on the island. From traditional pottery to exotically crafted jewellery we have it all at the Pelican Craft Centre.

We look forward to seeing you!


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